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It does not matter from what source the QR code will be provided. It for health be like a printed form, or any electronic mobile for health phone, tablet, laptop. The main thing is that the object correctly displays the data and does not contain blocking for health of external elements.

It happens that the technology of reading a QR-code may work with an error. The for health basic feature hdalth undoubted advantage over other types of train tickets is the fact that you do not need for health print an electronic train ticket before boarding. It is enough to provide access to the QR code to the conductor healh any electronic source of information for health at hand. Upon completion of the online ordering process, an e-ticket form will be displayed on the user's screen as a PDF file:If there is such a need for how to print an electronic ticket from a phone, then the algorithm of actions is similar.

Download the file and connect the mobile device to the printer directly. Please note that for security and convenience, a copy of the PDF file with the e-railway ticket form is also sent to the email address specified during registration and you can print the document directly from your mail bypass gastric procedure for health. Or ask colleagues or familiar owners of for health printer to help in this matter.

We remind you that there is no such necessity how to print an electronic train ticket. Having the opportunity in any form to provide access to the QR-code - you can safely go to land. Ukrzaliznytsia provides an opportunity to return electronic railway tickets in for health where they were not used and were not printed on a strict reporting form.

Depending on the for health in bealth timing of the submission of the request for delivery before the departure of the train - the amount of the refund is calculated in different ways. You can return an e-ticket for a train in Ukraine with maximum for health only if you apply no later than 24 hours before boarding, or if the flight for health not take place for reasons from the carrier. The procedure for ordering and processing a digital travel document is no different from a standard purchase of a railway ticket online.

Specify the point of departure for health arrival, select the for health of travel and go to the list of available trains. Trains where healthh can buy an for health train ticket are marked with a special symbol in the for health of a QR code.

Don't have a For health account. Railway e-ticket The service "Catch ticket" The number of tickets at the box office and online is different.

What should I do if there are no train tickets. How early before the train departure can I buy a ticket. How many tickets can I buy at a time. How is the railway ticket price for health. What to do if a mistake is made in for health name. Luggage transportation Documents required for travel Non-transferable railway tickets. Rules for travel Can I board at a different station.

What to do healfh travel documents were left with the fareweller. If, when boarding a train, a seat in the car is already taken Bed linen on a train and additional services. How fo purchase a ticket at the lowest price. How is the railway ticket refund amount calculated. How to quickly return money when returning a ticket.



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