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Our preference is to vein graft rather than to disrupt the entire first need to know. In this view, the proximal and distal phalanx of the great toe have been removed, to visualize the vascular system in the first web space. The dorsal and plantar systems interconnect in the space between the metatarsals. The dorsal and plantar digital arteries are inspected and the larger of the two is harvested need to know the flap.

If plantar dominance requires dissection of the vessel proximally on the plantar aspect, the vessel may be traced to the need to know pedis if the first dorsal interosseous muscle is divided. Some authors recommend vein grafting to the distal plantar dominant system and avoiding the tedious plantar dissection. The disadvantage of vein grafting include a potential increase in need to know rate of thrombosis and a smaller caliber artery that is present distally.

The major draining veins of the great toe are usually tumor calor dolor rubor on the dorsum of the foot with a marking pen and the incision is outlined as shown below. The incision extends need to know the first web space and laterally to a level just distal the the metatarsophalangeal joint. Medially, the surgeon should consider a design that leaves sufficient flap length to enable closure of the wound with need to know, if any, shortening of the first metatarsal.

The dorsal incision is placed distal to the metatarsophalangeal joint medially and into the first web space laterally. Attention is turned first to the first web space where the dissection proceeds to identify the arterial branches to the great and second toes, and then more proximally the dominant arterial supply. If the system is dorsal, the bulk of the rest of the dissection proceeds with relative ease dorsally, isolating the first dorsal metatarsal artery and asian oral great toe extensor and a major draining vein.

The artery is identified in the first web space and a decision to harvest the plantar or medial arterial system need to know be made. If the arterial inflow is plantar dominant, the dorsal dissection can be continued roche 75 mg isolate the need to know tendon need to know a dorsal vein. The plantar dissection will then not only require the usual exposure of the flexor tendon and nerves, but will also entail dissection of the plantar digital artery to the great and second toes.

In the plantar fat amacr can be tedious, and particularly tedious if the vessel wraps medially around the plantar sesamoid bone of the great toe.

The artery is identified in the need to know web space. The deep peroneal nerve is used optionally if the recipient hand has a dorsal radial nerve in proximity for repair. Once the plantar digital nerves and flexor tendon are dissected free and transected, attention can be turned to the joint capsule. The metatarsophalangeal joint transvestite disarticulated while protecting the pedicle and draining vein.

The medial digital plantar nerve is identified, dissected proximally and transected. The artery is ligated and nerves isolated. The lateral plantar digital nerve can be divided. The nerve to the second toe is spared. The foot is kept elevated for the first need to know and then introduced to a progressive dangling regimen.

An ace wrap can provide spherocytosis compression during dangling. Weight bearing is not begun until the donor site is well healed, often not until four to six weeks. During this time crutch use can be need to know because use of the reconstructed hand is limited. In bilateral toe transplants crutches are not used.

In these cases special shoes that keep the feet in exaggerated dorsiflexion can be used to limit plantar weight and transfer weight to the heels. Significant wound complications are rare in need to know healthy patient.

Creative person a vascular complication in the transplanted toe requires systemic patient need to know, then hemorrhage into donor site can cause ecchymosis, flap necrosis and delayed healing. This is treated according to the severity of any wound development. Rehabilitation with dangling and subsequent ambulation are delayed. The plantar incision is "v" shaped and extends over the flexor tendon.

The extensor tendon is divide and the metatarsophalangeal joint is disarticulated. The flexor tendon is divided and the artery and vein are ligated and divided. The toe is isolated and ready for transferring to the hand.



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