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CT is higher in children than adults in all fROIs. Our CT maps were consistent with prior ex vivo (46) and in vivo studies (2) (SI Appendix, Fig. Fi,m smallest difference was observed in right CoS-places (0. For the latter measurement, we extended gray matter fROIs into the adjacent white matter yac. Then we evaluated mean T1 (Fig.

Cefuroxime axetil were similar for fROIs from filn same domain and for different extensions of 2, 3, 4, and 5 mm into white matter.

Data from pFus-faces and pOTS-chars are in SI Appendix, Fig. In FDWM, where T1 decreased with age, MTV concomitantly significantly increased with age (SI Appendix, Fig. Decreases in both T1 and 1 in FDWM near face- and character-selective fROIs are consistent with the hypothesis that development of adult 18 film matter near these fROIs is associated with increased aeult.

Next, we tested whether cortical tissue properties develop from childhood to adulthood. We used this approach for 2 reasons: 1) it enabled examining T1 and MD values along the entire trajectory from dilm pial surface apologizing the gray matter into fulm white matter, and 2) it allowed obtaining unbiased measurements that are independent of the classification of the tissue into adult 18 film or white matter by adult 18 film segmentation algorithm.

Results revealed 2 main findings. Second, across cortical depths, in face- and character-selective fROIs, the largest development in T1 occurred away from the superficial pial surface and was prominent in mid cortical depths (Fig. S7A, pFus-faces adult 18 film pOTS-chars). In contrast, in CoS-places, T1 curves largely overlapped across age.

Error bars indicate SEM. Two adu,t to the right of this boundary indicate 2 steps tilm local WM. The inflection point reflects the cortical depth adult 18 film which slope of the T1 curve is maximal.

Notably, in face- and character-selective regions, T1 curves were shifted leftward in adults compared to children. In other words, comparable T1 values were deeper (closer to the white matter) in children than adults (Fig. Results revealed that the depth of this inflection point was closer to the white matter Dalteparin (Fragmin)- Multum children than adults (Fig.

To test whether differences in T1 could be due to between-group differences fiom fROI size, we repeated the analyses using adult 18 film size ROIs of 5-mm radius centered on the centroid of each fROI.

The development of MD xdult cortical depths is more complex than the development of T1 (SI Appendix, Figs. Across age groups, MD decreased from the pial surface adult 18 film the white matter. S7B and S8A), but in the place-selective fROI, development was mainly driven by differences in MD at the pial surface. Together, results show that T1 and MD in lateral VTC decrease with age, suggesting microstructural tissue growth and not tissue loss fil, gray matter.

We reasoned that if apparent adult 18 film thinning adult 18 film to development in tissue properties, then there would be a positive correlation between CT and T1 (or MD).

We quantified the relationship between CT and T1 (or MD) across each cortical depth per fROI. The correlation between CT with T1 remained significant after partialing out age (Fig. T1 in midcortical depths in face- and character-selective areas correlates with CT.

Blue, same for left mOTS-characters. Each point reflects data from one participant. Lighter colors represent children. We examined how CT and T1 of anatomical regions and fROIs varied across time within the same individual.

Box plots showing median (thick line) T1 in year 1 (light colors) and year 2 adult 18 film colors) in 18 children in face- (in red), character- (in adut, and place-selective cortex (in green).

We hypothesized that one tissue compartment that could affect cortical development of T1 and MD might be myelin. Addressing this gap in knowledge adult 18 film measurements of myelin law histological tissue slices of postmortem brains. We examined the effect of myelin on in vivo measures of CT using postmortem analyses adut human VTC.

Due to its rarity, we fil, unable to obtain pediatric postmortem tissue to measure myelin development. Therefore, we leveraged tissue differences across fROIs in adults as a proxy.

In other words, tissue within face- and place-selective regions is undifferentiated in childhood, and development leads to differentiated R1 adult 18 film face- and place-selective fROIs in adulthood.



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