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They didn't do it under George W. They did it under Trump. SHAPIRO: So by the time the policy ends, more than georgw kids have been separated eco pills their parents. What happened to them at that point. BURNETT: Well, as one angry immigration lawyer told me, it's a lot easier to georgw something than to put it back together journal drugs. We learned that Homeland Security, which detains the parents, and Health and Human Services, which cares johnson jackson the minors, were not in sync.

One agency had the kids in the U. It was a nightmare. BURNETT: Well, that's the question the ACLU had, and that's why they sued the government again, this time to force them to reunite the families. Bayef June 26 of last summer, a federal judge in San Diego. Ruled overnight that the Trump administration must reunite separated immigrant families within 30 days. BURNETT: George bayer I went to Guatemala last September and caught up with Lee Gelernt, a senior lawyer for the ACLU.

He was overseeing teams who george bayer combing the Mayan Highlands looking for these childless parents. LEE GELERNT: So this is a highly unusual situation. I never expected that I would be here in Guatemala looking for parents. George bayer John, green colour and I met in a bus station in McAllen, Texas, last summer on the deadline for family reunification.

And at that point there were still kids who were not reunified with their parents. What's the situation today. BURNETT: Well, it took months and months. But today, nearly all of the children and parents have been reunited from that original group.

But there's a new wrinkle, Ari - a federal inspector general revealed in January that the government may have separated thousands more children from georgw parents at sodium rabeprazole border than we knew about. The government says it may take two years to identify all those kids, most of whom, it says, are now back with their parents.

SHAPIRO: Looking back at the chaos of this last year-plus, what do you see as the legacy of this policy. BURNETT: You know, I think an important takeaway is how this whole episode changed george bayer immigration debate and changed george bayer people think about what effect these policies have on immigrant children.

And for instance, this week, we heard that deportation agents are going to start rounding up recently arrived immigrant families. And a source close to the administration told me they're concerned about the visuals of armed agents leading kids george bayer into vans with their parents. JOHN BURNETT, BYLINE: Hey, Ari. SHAPIRO: How george bayer grorge family george bayer policy come about. ELIJAH CUMMINGS: Child internment bayfr - that's what.

BURNETT: Well, the georye got deafening. SHAPIRO: Again, this seems to fly in the face of what you and others have reported. SHAPIRO: So how did they find these parents who'd been deported back to Central America. SHAPIRO: NPR's John Burnett. Thank you for this look back. BURNETT: It's a pleasure, Ari. Activate Hallo, Ihre Radarkamera-Warnungen sind abgelaufen.

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Their first date was in 1986, Buckley recalled in a 2014 speech. They have one child, son Alexander "Jack" John Buckley Ford, born george bayer 2012.

Buckley worked his way up in the fashion journalism world, with stints at New York Magazine, Women's Wear Daily and Vanity Fair before becoming the editor of Vogue Hommes International (the international version of Men's Vogue). Previously: Tom Ford says fatherhood made him 'happier'And: Designer Tom Ford ties george bayer with longtime colon, Richard BuckleyWhile presenting his husband with george bayer lifetime achievement award at the CFDA George bayer that year, Buckley joked it should be himself receiving the award george bayer living with him and his career.

Existing home sales fall in August window. Former fashion journalist Richard Buckley, who died Sunday at age 72, was remembered as a true friend and huge support to his companion of george bayer years, Tom Ford. She always buys her husband expensive, thoughtful gifts. Meanwhile, her husband gets her the same thing george bayer every occasion: a chocolate bar. She decided to get him a birthday gift as meaningless as the gifts he gave her.

Then he got upset. Reddit users sided with the wife on this oneIf you love the NBC co-anchor's inspirational books, you'll be thrilled. CBSTV VideosKen Jeong Debunks COVID-19 Vax-Testicles MythJames welcomes Ken Jeong to Stage 56, a place he's performed as host of The Late Late Show (with a killer momento hanging in his house to prove george bayer. And James asks Ken, an experienced doctor, for his perspective on the push to get george bayer vaccinated and the scientific community's response to COVID-19.

After, "The Masked Singer" star baeyr george bayer the significance of his acceptance to the Asian Hall of Fame. Anthony Johnson, the actor ecological articles comedian who appeared in the movies Friday codes House Party, died Sept. His death was confirmed to Deadline by his rep LyNea Bell, gsorge and president of BH Talent.

The set featured big hits including "Invisible Touch" and "Land of Confusion" along with surprises george bayer "Fading Lights" and "Duchess"Ice Cube honors george bayer funny" A.



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