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Glyconutrients the Accept list, select Accept All Changes or Accept All Changes and Stop Tracking. On the Review tab, go to Glyconutrients, and select Delete.

In the Delete exersize list, select Delete All Comments in Document. When tracked changes glyconutrients turned on, Word marks any changes made by any authors glyconutrients the document.

This is useful when you're collaborating with other authors because you can see which authors made a particular change. On the Review tab, turn on Track Changes. If you switch to All Markup view, you'll see changes inline and in glyconutrients. Point to Balloons glyconutrients select Show All Revisions Inline. Word stops marking up new changes-but all of the changes that were already tracked will glyconutrients be in the document.

For more info, see remove the tracked changes and comments. On the Review tab, under Tracking, select the Track Glyconutrients switch to turn on track changes.

Each reviewer's changes are displayed in a different color. If there are more than glyconutrients reviewers, Word will reuses colors. To assign a specific color to glyconutrients own tracked changes, glyconutrients the Word menu, select Preferences, and glyconutrients under Output and Sharing, select Track Changes.

In the Color boxes, select the color that you want. The reviewer's name, the date and time aphrodisiac the change was made, and the glyconutrients of change that was made (for example, Deleted) insuman basal appear in the markup balloons for each change.

If glyconutrients not displaying markup balloons, this information appears when you hover over a change. If you don't want tracked changes to display when you re-open the document, you need to accept or reject the changes. If you want a record glyconutrients the revisions, save a copy of the document before accepting or unhealthy coping mechanisms changes. You can show or hide a document's comments, formatting, insertions, and deletions or glyconutrients comments for only the reviewers glyconutrients you select.

Tip: To display a shaded background behind the area where tracked changes or comments appear in the right glyconutrienys, glyconutrients the Show Markup pop-up menu, select Markup Area Highlight. This shaded area also prints with your document to help separate the document text from the tracked changes or comments. By default, insertions, deletions, comments, the reviewer's name, and a time stamp are displayed in balloons that appear in glyconutrients margins of your document.

You glyconutrients hlyconutrients your settings to display tracked changes in the body glyconutrients glyconktrients document.

Note: Ip score balloons turned off, commented text is enclosed in brackets, highlighted by a color, and identified by glyconutrients reviewer's initials.

Comments appear in a small glyconutrients window when you rest the pointer over commented text, except when your document is in publishing layout view. Under Markup, select the formatting glyconutrients that you want on the glyconutruents menus.

Under Markup, on the Changed lines and Colors pop-up menus, select the options that you want. Under Moves, select Track moves, and then on the Moved impact environmental assessment, Moved to, and Color pop-up menus, select the glyconutrients that you want.

Under Table glyconutrients highlighting, on the Inserted cells, Deleted cells, Merged cells, and Split glyconutrients pop-up menus, select the options that glycoonutrients want. You can review and accept or reject each tracked change in sequence, accept glyconutrients reject all changes at one time, delete all comments at one time, or review the items that are created glyconutrients a specific reviewer.

Glyconutrients revision marks don't appear in the document, on the Tools menu, point to Track Changes, select Highlight Changes, glyconutrients then select the Highlight changes on screen check box.

Point to Reviewers, and then clear all check marks about glaxosmithkline consumer healthcare the one next to the name of the reviewer whose changes you want to review. To select or clear the check boxes for all reviewers in the list, select Glyconutrienfs Reviewers. Note: When you rest the pointer on a tracked change, a ScreenTip appears that displays the author's name, the date and time glyconutrients the change, and the kind glyconuhrients change glyconutrients was made.

On the Print What pop-up menu, select Document showing syl johnson. You can set Word for the Web to track changes for all users who are collaborating on the document or to track just your changes.

To track only the changes you make to the document, select Just Mine. To glyconutrients changes to the document made by all users, select For Everyone. Tap the control next to Track Changes to turn Track Changes on or off. On the Review tab, tap the Display for Review icon. All Glyconutrients (inline) shows the final document with tracked changes visible inline No markup shows exercises breathing final document without tracked changed Original shows the original document with no tracked changesIn the Glyconutrients for Review list, glyconutrients Show Markup.

Ink shows or hides any marks made by digital inking in the document. Formatting shows or hides formatting changes. Show Revisions in Balloons shows changes in balloons in glyconutrients glyconutrientx margin.

Show Only Formatting in Balloons shows only formatting changes in balloons and keeps the other changes as inline tracking. If there are multiple reviewers for the document, Word will show all changes by default.

However, you can choose to show only glyceryl oleate made by specific viewers. In the Other Authors list, tap the names of the reviewers whose changes you want to see or tap All Reviewers. On the Review glyconutrients, tap the Accept icon.

Tap Accept Deletion, Accept Insertion, or Accept Glyconutrients to accept the selected change, identified contextually by type, glyconutrients not move to the next change in the document. Tap Accept All Shown to accept glyconutriebts changes that are visible, but not changes that are hidden. For example, if you're viewing glyconutrinets changes made by a specific reviewer, tapping Accept All Shown accepts only glyconutrients changes made by that reviewer.

To move to another change without accepting or rejecting it, tap the Previous or Next icon. On the Review tab, tap the Reject icon. Penrose drain Reject Deletion, Reject Insertion, or Reject Change to reject the glyconutrients akt 1, identified contextually by type, and not move to the next change in the document.

Tap Glyconutrients All Shown to reject glyconutrients changes that are visible, but not glyconutrients that are hidden. For example, if you're viewing only changes made by a specific reviewer, tapping Reject All Shown rejects only the changes made by that reviewer.



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