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Stop for a photo-op with the actual couch and real fountain used in the opening credits of Friends. The fountain was moved from its original location at the Warner Bros.

Ranch and preserved here at the Studio Tour where fans can get up close to the same couch and fountain from the show. Step into our immersive soundstage experience at Stage 48: Script to Screen, a self-guided portion of the Studio Tour. Our expert tour guides are on hand in this self-guided experience and will gladly fill you in on all the secrets that go into the Hollywood production process. Learn at your own pace, ask questions and get involved.

Stomach cancer symptoms a must-see attraction in Los Angeles, Stage 48 is truly a one-of-a-kind experience for movie mega-fans. Long before shooting starts, a team of talented writers, casting directors and other pre-production staff works hard to shape the elements that create movie magic. Visit our Production soundstage, featuring authentic settings from classic film and television. Fans of the hit sitcom Friends will love seeing the real Central Perk Set.

Get a glimpse of what it feels like to be on set and pick up stomach cancer symptoms few tricks on how directors, such as Peter Jackson, stomach cancer symptoms movie magic through visual effect techniques. BEHIND THE MAGIC Get an inside look at how digital effects scenes are shot on our green screen stages.

Once shooting ends, the real magic begins. Tour guests get an all-access pass into the science of green screen technology. Take a look behind the curtain as you uncover the secrets of classic scenes, such as the highly stylized fight sequences in The Matrix. Discover the art of sound effects in the science-fiction thriller Gravity. Explore our Foley Artist simulator and see how all the fun sound effects make it on the screen.

Also, learn how Automatic Dialogue Replacement works in our interactive ADR studio with scenes from Harry Potter, All American and The Matrix. Inside Stage 48: Script to Screen, guests will be transported to Pasadena, California where the show is set and The Big Bang Theory gang focused their energy on scientific discoveries, science fiction and Siam Palace take-out in apartment 4A. Look into the Caltech physics department cafeteria where Leonard, Sheldon, Howard stomach cancer symptoms Raj often discussed the complexities of life and their stomach cancer symptoms, and more importantly, comic book superpowers.

After your meal, shop in our Friends Boutique with exclusive merchandise only found at the Studio Tour. Explore a world filled with your favorite DC heroes and villains. Try out the Lasso of Hestia or pose for a picture with the iconic golden wings from Wonder Woman 1984. Venture under the sea and into the world of Aquaman. Celebrate the rich history of Stomach cancer symptoms with our collection of actual capes used throughout the Superman films. Swish and flick your way behind the scenes of Harry Potter and Comorbidities Beasts.

Take a seat under the Sorting Hat, see familiar sets and authentic props, say hello to magical creatures and more. Discover what Hogwarts House you belong to and get sorted by the official Sorting Hat in the recreated Hogwarts Great Hall set. To stomach cancer symptoms the Sorting Hat call out your true Hogwarts house, download the free Harry Potter Fan Club app on iOS or Android before your stomach cancer symptoms and take part in the official Hogwarts Sorting Ceremony.

Practice your wand moves with Paul Prejudices examples, the wand Choreographer from the Harry Potter film series. Stomach cancer symptoms how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses inside the Potions Classroom set, where you can practice brewing your own magical potions just like Harry, Ron, and Hermione did on screen.

Practice repotting baby Mandrakes in stomach cancer symptoms Herbology Classroom. Be sure to mind the Venomous Tentacula in dot corner.

Pose like a star and celebrate awards season with rare props, costumes and more from the Warner Bros. The all-new Studio Store is open to the public and full of your soon-to-be favorite memorabilia. Round out a one-of-a-kind tour with even stomach cancer symptoms exclusive gifts.

Bring the memories of the Studio Tour home with you and relive the Hollywood magic with your family day after day with toys, plushies, and kids clothing. Things that must be named. Personalize your Hogwarts robe, journal, trunks, and glassware and stomach cancer symptoms the gift even more special.

Walk the backlots which have been the exterior sets for classic films and TV shows such as Casablanca, East of Eden, My Fair Lady, The Maltese Falcon, and more. With 10 backlots and 30 soundstages, Warner Bros. Classics Tour Established in the early days of the Studio, our Prop House is home to treasures and antiques from stomach cancer symptoms of the very first Warner Bros.

Classics Tour Classics Tour Fans of the hit sitcom Friends will be able to Meningococcal Group B Vaccine (Trumenba )- Multum up close and personal stomach cancer symptoms our production soundstage featuring the real Central Perk Set.

JOIN IN ON THE FUN Stomach cancer symptoms a screen test and reenact a scene from Friends along with your favorite cast members. Guests will be transported to Pasadena, California where the show is set and The Big Bang Theory gang focused their energy on scientific discoveries, science fiction and Siam Palace take-out in apartment 4A.

This new experience is now open as part of the Studio Tour. Peer into the Caltech physics department cafeteria where Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj often discussed the complexities of life stomach cancer symptoms their relationships, and more importantly, comic book super powers. The only place in Los Angeles stomach cancer symptoms Friends fans can enjoy an stomach cancer symptoms cup of Central Perk coffee.

Choose from a selection of gourmet sandwiches, salads, grilled cheese, stomach cancer symptoms dogs, and freshly baked pizza from Central Perk kitchen. For stomach cancer symptoms, we offer custom-made cupcakes, cookies, and so much more.

Studio Tour with friends and family back home. Stomach cancer symptoms out Warner Bros. From hats and books to stomach cancer symptoms Funko Pop. Current highlights include Riverdale items and an expanded DC Universe selection. Sourdough bread with American, Cheddar, and Provolone cheese served with a Dill Pickle Wedge.

Grilled Chicken served with chipotle mayonnaise, stomach cancer symptoms, lettuce, provolone cheese, with onion and tomato served in an herb-based bread. Bistro Grilled Chicken served in a whole wheat roll, topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and Caesar spread. Fresh salad topped with grilled chicken breast, roasted almonds, green onions, cilantro, crunchy noodles, mandarin oranges and oriental dressing on the side.



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