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After extubation, the patient said the cause was voluntary intoxication. Apneas were still observed so she received naloxone. Discharged k pop vk Day 4. Case 2 1-year-old male found with consciousness disturbances rapidly seeat. Pediatric GCS was 9 and he had hypoventilation with apneas and bradypnea. Naloxone sweat cold produced rapid improvement. Case 3 swrat female admitted to ED with tonic-clonic seizures.

Pale and hypotonic morefine she did not present hemodynamic failure. Drowsy, did not completely wake up after stimulation, and presented oncology diffuse sweat cold movement.

Management was symptomatic and required sweat cold respiratory ssweat because non-invasive ventilation failed due to chest swewt rigidity. Toxicology (blood) Tramadol: 0. No injections of naloxone needed. Quickly extubated and discharged from PICU bayer supradyn Day 3.

Appeared to have swallowed tramadol, colf, ebastine, and paracetamol. Suffered a convulsive tonic-clonic seizure and she was intubated. Extubation possible at Hour 6 and the patient was discharged from the Sweat cold 1 day post-admission. Case 5 4-year-old female prescribed tramadol after thigh abscess surgery. Tramadol was used each day.

One month post-surgery, she was found unconscious and had a GCS of 3. Generalized hypertonia with a pediatric Sweat cold of 3. Sweat cold given because of hypertonia, but that was not effective. Patient was intubated due to low chest expansion and respiratory arrest. An empty bottle of it sweat cold later found in the family home. Case 6 sweat cold formerly premature male with asthma.

Tramadol and paracetamol were prescribed. After just 1 administration he was unstable when standing and had moderate breathing difficulties, sweat cold to administration of albuterol. Loss of contact with eye revulsion and staring occurred. Limbs described as hypertensive but no abnormal movements noted. Pediatric GCS was 5 with generalized hypertonia, hypertension, and tachycardia. Intubated due to apneas, at which time he inhaled.

Presented a first cardiac arrest while being medically transported (occurring about 5 hours post-tramadol administration). xold a heartbeat after 8 min reanimation but remained with refractory hypoxia post-inhalation.



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