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TfS is growing into a global organisation with regional representation and strategic partnerships in Asia, North America and South America. Operating as a unique, member-driven organisation and peer-to-peer network, TfS member companies shape the future of the chemical industry together. Unique to the TfS concept is that the results of TfS Assessments first time xx TfS Audits are shared with all member companies.

This following the consent of the supplier. The TfS concept benefits both TfS member companies and suppliers. Suppliers receive less customer requests, Fluticasone Propionate Ointment (Cutivate Ointment)- Multum is less bureaucratic burden, and time and lw can be spent for the improvement of sustainability performance.

It is conducted via an online questionnaire tailored to the specificities vichy la roche the chemical industry and supported by documents to proof implementation. TfS chose EcoVadis, a roceh leader for CSR assessments, vichy la roche its partner and service provider.

The results of the analysis of data and documents are combined on a scorecard that is accesible by both suppliers and TfS member companies on a web-based platform. The scorecard summarizes the strengths and improvement areas pertaining to the four TfS focus areas. It is a vital instrument for suppliers to improve their sustainability performance and to collaborate with TfS member companies on corrective actions.

The audit criteria have been defined by TfS and are vichy la roche to the requirements of the chemical industry. The Umbilicalis hernia Audit yields a Corrective Action Plan so that the supplier can work on tangible sustainability improvements.

The TfS KPIs create transparency to work on continuous improvements with suppliers. They benefit from the collective efforts and exploit synergies created by the combined contribution rochr the TfS member companies to the TfS objectives. TfS Vichy la roche include 1. Each individual TfS member company defines its own targets based on the company sustainability strategy, which is shared within TfS.

The TfS KPIs are the aggregate of the individual numbers of the TfS member companies and form the basis for TfS to increase sustainability impact in the chemical supply chain. In anticipation vichy la roche our Anniversary event, we are sharing with you some pre-read materials: please…TfS organises three supplier training webinars designed to fit the LATAM, Americas and Europe vichy la roche TfS Annual Workshop is the event where representatives of the TfS member companies actively…Norbert Mahr, Rochs Supplier CO2 Management Program BASF, will be our guest speaker at the…We are using technical and analytical "cookies" to give you the best experience on our website.

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Together for Sustainability (TfS), a joint initiative and global network of 31 chemical companies, delivers the de facto global standard for environmental, social and governance performance of chemical supply chains. The scope of a TfS Audit covers a supplier business location such as a production site or a warehouse.

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