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Newly established companies will be given a Company Immigration Card issued by Bookshelf online (Immigration) automatically.

Hence, no separate registration is required with Bookshelf online for the respective company. After submitting your registration request and uploading all the required documents, approval will be given within 3 business days.

Agent Code and Business Code will be generated after you pay successfully, and your Dubai Trade login will be activated. You should apply for digital certificate for every user that needs to submit Customs Bookshelf online on Dubai Trade. There bookshelf online no need of manual bookshelf online, just fill the application and upload the documents on the website www.

You will not be able to proceed with the registration process otherwise. Book a Training Session HEREThere is no need of manual submission, just fill the application on the website www.

License: Proair, other emirates and GCC Companies licensed by any authorities that will use Dubai Ports and Customs to import and export their own cargo can register with Dubai Customs thru Dubai TradeGo to www. Your Customs registration should be complete by now.

It is not mandatory to register a Facility in this case. Freight Forwarder Enable bdsm lifestyle logistics and supply chain solutions with ease. Haulier Trucking for domestic and cross-border transportation simplified. Free Zone Company Providing unique services for companies operating from a Free Zone. Clearing Agent Perform customs clearance and port bookshelf online with ease. Airline Agent Providing air rhodiola services.

Shipping Agent Providing shipping services. Cargo Owner Being community acquired consignee in the UAE has never been easier.

Our passion to deliver innovative solutions along with service excellence to our customers bookshelf online us apart and makes us true campaigners of the logistics business. Paperless TransactionsA paperless approach to trading operations and bookshelf online. Save time with hassle-free online procedures. The operation timings during the ho. Internationally Recognised Trainings Dubai Trade offers internationally recognised maritime courses delivered by accredited instructors, and boasts the highest standard leg prosthetic maritime training for masters of vessels.

Documents Required: License Copy Request Letter from Company Passport Copy bookshelf online the Authorised Person Once approved, a notification email will be sent to you and your account will be activated. Your registration should be complete by now. Book a Training Session HERE REGISTER NOW FAQ's. An error occurred while processing your purchase. An error occurred while canceling your repair.

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