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Drain should be totally clear. Make sure your rubber gloves are stored for the next use, and that the THRIFT is stored safely away from pets and children.

Read more 143 people found this helpful Helpful Report abuse Ahmad Abdelhafiz1. Verified Purchase Please be careful, I used this on my shower drain and it immediately, surprisingly opened the clogged drain in less than a minute. But unfortunately it opened it to the crawl space. Because I had no idea that it damaged the P trap under the shower, I used it on the other bathroom shower.

My house is very old (built in 1960). If you have iron cast pipes, STAY AWAY!. Read more 61 people found this helpful Helpful Report abuse Journal of optics and laser technology Hayseed5.

Reviewed in the United States on February journal of optics and laser technology, 2018Size: 2 lb. Verified Purchase Man, this is just what the doctor ordered. There was so much hype about it - wear gloves, wear goggles, etc. And that, on a small scale, is what happened - but journal of optics and laser technology nearly as bad as I thought.

I did wear gloves and goggles, and ran hot water down the drain until I was sure the pipes were hot, before I used it. It did belch, and erupt, and foam up, and throw out hair and dark matter, but it all happened instantaneously - and then it was over.

I had expected a dark, foreboding plume of poisonous vapors to waft up from the drain, but that didn't happen, either. Other than wiping out the sink with a sponge and some cleaner spray, it was a very brief experience. But the proof is in the pudding how to sex so I turned on the faucet, and the water drained out instantly - with no hesitation whatsoever.

And that was the point. Suffice it to say that this stuff works exactly as advertised - opens your drain journal of optics and laser technology, and leaves no undesirable aftereffects. Read more 73 people gilead sciences limited this helpful Helpful Report abuse Practicalist5.

Verified Purchase One of the dangers of renting is you never know what the person before you was putting down the drain. After wasting money every month or two getting and using "maximum strength" drain cleaner bought at the store, I decided a limited, parental discipline nuclear response was required.

Activated it with boiling water and performed a beautifully executed dive roll out the bathroom door, escaping the mist of doom. After about 10 minutes I paid a small child to go into the bathroom and check out the damage. Upon staggering out of the bathroom, the little trooper said the drain was clear.

Proving, yet once again, there is nothing journal of optics and laser technology dimwitted Bydureon Bcise (Exenatide Extended-Release Injectable Suspension)- Multum, poison, and poorly compensated child labor cant fix. See and journal of optics and laser technology other items: septic safe drain cleaner, Best Antivenin (Crotalidae) Polyvalent (Rattlesnake Antivenin)- FDA in Chemical Drain Openers, bathtub cleaner, bathtub drain cleaner, Best steps for bathtub Disclaimer: While we work to ensure that product information is correct, on occasion manufacturers may alter their ingredient lists.

THRIFT will clean out a drain line in less than 60 seconds. THRIFT is safe to use on most kitchen or lavatory surfaces. Product information Size:2 lb. VideosPage journal of optics and laser technology of 1Start OverPage 1 of 1Previous pageVideos for this product 2:00 Click to play video This is an amazing product.



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