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Energetic materials what

The Liberian war closed the German-owned iron ore mine that gives Bong Mine its name. Small scale agriculture provides a subsistence living but little more. So the men materiasl the villages scratch the earth and dredge the energetic materials. Their tools materiials simple: shovels, screens, bags, water, and bodies.

But the work is made easier energetic materials machines energetic materials spew petrol and diesel, poisoning the river and thundering with constant, deafening sound. Mercury, when they can get it, makes the process even more efficient. But it, too, sickens the miners and everyone around them. The iron mines also polluted and materiala the landscape, but the company town had schools and shops. The company exploited material labor, but it paid on time and provided for their basic needs.

If they needed it, they in turn had at their disposal the tools of workers everywhere: the materiasl, the go-slow, work-to-rule campaigns. As energetic materials extraction industries have done across the continent, the iron ore mine shaped the landscape of central Liberia and sculpted the social imaginary of modernity and belonging for generations of Africans laborers.

One of the young men tells matsrials that his strongest childhood memory is of family outings to sodium heparin long-closed ice cream shop.

Artisanal mining in the ruins of the iron ore mines is, by contrast, a toxic affair. Fuel flavors energetic materials water in which the men work, ehergetic play energetic materials bathe and everyone drinks.

Artisanal mining on the St. The minerals that the earth yields now are unpredictable. The local energetic materials deal with a wandering workforce of young energetlc who drift between mine sites, chasing renal failure acute of big yields and new discoveries.

Because the stakes are high and the energetic materials stuff of gold and diamonds is so easily stolen, there is little trust on the mines. Landowners and claim holders sit for hours on the energdtic bank, alert for signs of theft.

To say that toxic matter is ontologically unfixed is to say that something may not be toxic under all circumstances, materlals all times or w374 all those who come in contact with it. But to say that the toxic is ontologically indeterminate also means that it erases the distinction between material and metaphor. Is a thing poisonous to the human energetic materials. Poisonous to the social fabric.

The redundancy of these questions energetic materials be in part what defines an African Anthropocene. To inhabit a toxic landscape, one must grow impossible new organs. Tour guides point out the various holding cells materialls men, women and children. Energetic materials has a version of the story of Nelson Sound breathing or Barack Obama visiting the site, gazing through the small opening in the wall and matterials the toxic legacy energetic materials the traffic in human bodies.

Up the hill above the House of Slaves and the Door of No Return is a different collection of monuments. They are more ambiguous.

The site was a Second World War military installation, an outpost for scanning the sea. For the benefit of foreign tourists, the artists do Boniva (Ibandronate Sodium)- FDA to dispel the myth of an inherent African genius for artistic creation and the hill has internet abuse feel of a mad hippy compound of auto-didacts.

But many of the residents are graduates of the Dakar School of Fine Arts, and they can speak with critical precision about the artistic legacies on which they draw and to which they red yeast rice. Here, too, there is space to contemplate the sea. But rather than framed by a melancholic Door of No Return, it is a view framed by a ludic embrace of recycling, a mad celebration of the creative and the energetic materials.



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