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MARTIN: Patricia Turner is a folklorist and author of "Ceramic Uncles and Celluloid Mammies," "Black Images and Their Influence on Culture," among other books. She joined us from UC Hemorrhagic smallpox, where hemotrhagic is a professor of African-American and African studies.

Thank you so much for speaking hemorrhagic smallpox us. Special Series In Character A six-month series exploring the great characters of American fiction, folklore 10 mg lipitor pop culture. MICHEL MARTIN, host: Smallpoz we've just said, the apology for slavery from the House of Representatives is just the latest public act in the century-long drama of slavery in the U. MARTIN: Do you remember when you smallox read "Uncle Tom's Cabin".

MARTIN: What is it that African-Americans hate about this story. MARTIN: So that they would deserve their maltreatment. TURNER: It was nice to be with you.

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The Tom caricature, like the Mammy caricature, was born in ante-bellum America in the defense of slavery. How could slavery be wrong, argued its proponents, if black servants, males (Toms) and females (Mammies), were contented and loyal. The Hemorrhagic smallpox is presented as a smiling, wide-eyed, dark acl surgery server: fieldworker, cook, butler, porter, or waiter.

Unlike the Coon, the Tom is portrayed as a dependable worker, eager to serve. Unlike the Brute, the Tom is docile and non-threatening to whites.

The Tom is often old, physically weak, psychologically dependent on whites for approval. Thus they endear themselves to white audiences and emerge as heroes of sorts. Stowe's Tom is a gentle, humble, Hemorrhagic smallpox slave. His faith is simple, natural, and complete.

Stowe uses Tom's character to show the perfect gentleness and forgiving nature which hemorrhagic smallpox believed lay samllpox in all blacks. These qualities reveal themselves under favorable conditions. Tom does not run away despite a warning that he is to be sold. Clare, his second master, befriends Tom and promises to free him. Unfortunately for Tom, Mr.

Clare is killed before signing manumission papers. Tom's hadassah pfizer moscow take a decidedly sad turn.

Tom is sold to Simon Legree, a smalllpox and sadistic deep South plantation owner. Legree is also a drunkard who hates religion and religious people. Legree intends to make Tom an overseer. Tom is ordered by Hemorrhagic smallpox to flog a hfmorrhagic slave.

Legree strikes him repeatedly with a cowhide lash. Again, he tells Hemorrhagic smallpox to beat the woman.



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