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The device needs to support rebooting as a single action. Any device that supports rebooting. Rotation This trait belongs to devices that support rotation, such as blinds with rotatable slats.

Devices that support rotation such as blinds with rotable slats. RunCycle This trait represents any device that has an ongoing duration for its operation which can international clinical pharmacology journal queried. This includes, but is not limited to, devices that operate cyclically, such as washing machines, young teen porno video, and dishwashers.

Any - international clinical pharmacology journal appliances and other devices that international clinical pharmacology journal run states SensorState action. SensorState This trait covers both quantitative measurement (for example, air quality index or smoke level) and qualitative state (for example, whether the air quality is healthy or whether the smoke level is low or high).

Sensors that provide quantitative measurement (such as smoke level) and qualitative state (whether the air quality is healthy) Scene action. Scene In the case of scenes, the type maps 1:1 to the trait, as scenes don't combine with other traits to form composite devices.

Scene only SoftwareUpdate action. SoftwareUpdate This trait belongs to devices that support software updates such as a router. Optionally, these devices may report the time of the last successful update. Any device that supports software updates. Unlike devices that simply have an on and off state, some devices that can start and stop are also able to pause while performing operation.

Any - mostly appliances and vacuums and other things that have specific activity behavior above and beyond power StatusReport action. StatusReport This international clinical pharmacology journal reports the current status or state of a specific device or a connected group of devices. General purpose trait for reporting the current status or international clinical pharmacology journal of a specific device or a connected group of devices such as a security system) TemperatureControl action.

TemperatureControl Trait for devices (other than thermostats) that support controlling temperature, either within or around the device. This includes devices such as ovens and refrigerators. Coffee maker Kettle Oven Refrigerator TemperatureSetting action.

TemperatureSetting This trait covers handling both temperature point environment pollution modes.

Thermostat Air conditioning unit Timer action. Timer The Timer trait represents a timer on a device, primarily kitchen appliances such as ovens and microwaves, but not limited to them. Any device with a timer, such as kitchen appliances like microwaves or ovens.

Toggles This trait belongs to any devices with settings that can only exist in one of two states. TransportControl This trait international clinical pharmacology journal media devices which are able to control media playback international clinical pharmacology journal example, resuming music that's paused). Devices support two-way audio cocaine long term effects with third-party devices.

Volume This trait belongs to devices which are able to change volume (for example, setting the volume to a certain level, mute, or unmute). Media devices that are able to change volume. Absolute brightness setting is in a normalized range from 0 to 100 international clinical pharmacology journal lights may not support every point in the range based on their LED configuration). This trait belongs to devices which have the capability to stream international clinical pharmacology journal feeds to third party screens, Chromecast-connected screens, or smartphones.

This trait has been deprecated. This trait belongs to devices that can cook food according to various food presets and supported cooking modes.



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